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Related Project Information For Our Initial Underwriting Evaluation

David WK Lee

Monday, May 11, 2015

***Related Project Information For Our Initial Underwriting Evaluation***

Hello client/borrower :
Greeting from Toronto, Canada, nice to meet you and how are you doing today ?
Please let us know the following project information for our initial underwriting evaluation :::
1. Are you the project owner ? Yes or otherwise :
2. Investment/JV/Loan Amount :
3. Country/State of Country :
4. Description of Transaction/ Use Of Funds:
5. How much can you put down going forward for deposit if purchase, development, business start up, lenders pre closing due diligent fees ( All funding sources require pre closing fees ) :
6. Can you show Proof Of Funds in case ?
***A retainer is required on all deals as well as funding sources pre closing due diligence***
I am a referral agent working personally & independently in Canada for GLOB AL PROJECT FINANCING SERVICES including USA and Canada
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David Lee 
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