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***FE International Bonding Program Additional Information***

David WK Lee

Thursday, May 14, 2015

***FE International Bonding Program Additional Information***

Top entrepreneurs( in USA and international) understand they have to pay financial advisory firms that arrange these type of funding pre closing fees because there are many moving parts and vendors like law firms, appraisers, CPAs, securities firms that must get paid on the spot to render services to help close the deal. 

We recently sent this bonding program to an attorney who has a client with a major development deal that needs a non bankable solution. This attorney gets paid by a retainer and she also gets the large sum of her fee when the deal closes. This and other professionals understand that firms that provide special niche services must get paid a engagement fee. Attorneys make sure their clients are well informed and has tried other options prior to trying this alternative. 

Your client must inform to be prepared to pay an engagement fee to the brokers firm that's marketing for the funding source and be prepared to pay the 1% to 2% structuring fee to the funding source.  There are no special privileges for international borrowers. If they borrowers can't convince Banks in their own country to fund their deals with no pre closing money then why would they expect a NYC broker that does have an proposal not to expect to get paid a pre closing engagement fee.

FE is not a broker proposal farm. The goal is to get solid deal from borrower by getting the related project worksheet completed and doing due diligence to verify proof of funds and get retained so the funding source can underwrite the deal.
The borrower has to answer three basic questions ::: Loan amount? State or country of transaction? Type of transaction with use of funds?

By the way, borrower must has fund to pay the sources deposit requirements as well as they will pay FE the required retainer.

FYI ::: FE has a source that has arranged over USD 200B in deals and the success fee is paid upon a closed transaction 

FE - Project Development Worksheet 2015 For Start Up New Project.doc

FE - Operating Business Loan Worksheet 2015 For Cash Flow Business.doc

FE - Bond Funding Program June 2015.pdf